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Goldbaby The Tape 909 Sample Pack Wav Download




99 $ ext{TPB}$ on this tape. The mic is the "Low Frequency Compressor" mic, a DC-900. The tape is given a "Lo Fi" treatment. So the sound has a ragged sound to it. As an interesting bit of side note, this is some of the first sound recorded with the tape machines we'll use later on in the course. I've tried to let you experience a bit of the tape's distortion by increasing the gain. So you'll be able to hear what a difference in gain level really means. The tape has a massive amount of hiss. I've taken care to make it as clean as possible, and let the original noise through, which is how you'll hear it in the final mix. You'll just have to put up with the hiss. As the tape has been used, we can still hear a few tiny jitter bits, which will be revealed as we edit the tape. But this is how you get a really gritty sound. We've also converted this to a 1 Bit per sample format. This means we've only got two levels to work with, and this is how you get that harsh distortion sound. If we were to convert it to a 16 bit, then we'd have a few more options available. This is a 16 Bit per sample. This means we have 16 levels to work with, but the best way to demonstrate it is to convert this to a 1 Bit per sample and see what difference that makes. The biggest difference you'll hear between the 16 bit and the 1 bit is the amount of noise that will come through. Let's give that a try. This is 16 Bits per sample. This is 1 bit per sample. The difference between the two is massive. You'll be able to hear the difference. You can even hear the "jitter" when you start to compress the 1 bit file. 16 Bits 1 bit Let's try again. This is a 16 Bit per sample. Now this time we've also stretched the 1 bit file to the size of the original. That way you can more easily see what the difference is. Again, this is a 16 bit file. This is a 1 bit file. The difference is massive.




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